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Hi,looking for beta for solo ascent of Mescalito clean... Would be gratefull for anything you have. Thanks ,

-- Madhu Boiteau (, May 02, 2000


Rex did it clean a while back.

Happy Climbing Ben

-- Ben (, May 02, 2000.


Mescalito has gone clean at C3+. To my knowledge it first went without pins in 97 w/ a lot of fixed gear on the route. The FCA party said to bring some #3 coper heads (in case fixed ones blow) and possibly a cheater stick.

I havent heard much about other clean ascents so I dont know how realistic it would be. Make sure to throw some pins in the bag.

Enjoy the climb. It looks like a beautiful part of the Capitan.

-- (, May 02, 2000.

Dude, when are you blasting off? We'll watch for you. I'm in the Valley arriving Thursday May 18, staying til June 9 or so. The more people you tell, the more committed you become, and the less likely you are to back off!

-- Pass the Pitons Pete Zabrok (, May 07, 2000.

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