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Playground Grant for St. Thomas School - Jill Herzig

When I first came to St. Thomas School seven years ago, I noticed the wooden play structure adjacent to the school. I thought it was a well made structure at the time and noticed that many children, not only from St. Thomas School, but the church, and the neighboring community utilized it. As the years have gone by I have noticed deterioration in the wood of the structure and have seen the constant replacement of parts of the swing bridge that extends across the structure. With the help of this master's program, I had the opportunity to experience grant writing, and decided to try my hand at getting a grant for a new structure that would be made up of a more durable material. I wanted to make sure that all the monies that were collected were from sources that would not conflict with the school or church's fundraising. With the help of the Development Director, Hoa Sobczynski, I have been able to contact organizations and have received part of the funds. Also, a boy in the Boy Scouts will be using the planning and the construction of the playground structure as his service project to gain Eagle Scout status. Here is a sample of the letters that were sent. We are about halfway to our goal as of this date. We will build a scaled down version with anything over $10,000. Dear Prospective Donor, St. Thomas School is interested in making an application for a grant with which to replace a "playground structure" for use on our parish property for children affiliated with the parish and school and also for children from other schools in neighborhood residents.

In October 1986 grants enabled us to install our current playground structure. Over ten years of constant use have resulted in the wearing out and breaking down of the wooden parts of our structure. To improve this playground and its safety, we would like to be able to replace the structure with a more durable material.

The playground serves over two hundred children from St. Thomas School, St. Thomas Preschool, Vacation Bible School, and Sunday school programs. It is also utilized by the International Falls Early Childhood program and other daycares and preschools in the area. St. Thomas School playground is the only playground in the area and serves the entire community.

We sincerely hope that you will consider this application. Please call If you have any further questions. Yours in Christ,

Jill Herzig School Principal

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2000

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