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Dateline: The RUMRUNNER leicester ENGLAND.

Yes, the above venue was the scene of the DRIBBLERS first annual dinner.

The RUMMRUNNERS which was a formely failed Mexican eating house was chosen by NET SCHWESTER as an appropriate place to celebrate the existence of the DRIBBLERS. Sadly, Dick Leslie who coined the phrase the DRIBBLERS was not there because nobody invited him. The RUMRUNNER is a themed retaurant having no particular theme. The staff do not dress up in ludicrous gear and the decor could be reminicent of the Iberian peninsular or on the other hand Aristotle may have recongised the tiles as belonging to the Areopagus. In short, an eclectic venue for eclectic people and eclectic they were. The guest list included those inveterate dribblers Major D Sarster ( Yours truly), B Onest, D. Ranged esq and ten or eleven other assorted characters some of whom were not web-enabled. The meal, which was ' all you can eat for nine quid' was excellent and many of us made repeated "return visits" to the buffet to cultivate our stomachs' interest. If I had any criticizm it was the seating arrangements which made it difficult for me to dominate the conversation but I am sure we could remedy that next year by providing a circular arrangement with me at the centre. Still, all respect to Net Schwester for a top evening.

Major D.

Eat your hearts out JillyD and Spam Queen.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2000


I denounce you - SPAM QUEEN !!!

So, Spam Queen who was too busy PIONEERING to attend the Dribblers annual dinner was out at the Vickerstaffs with the founder of our organisation Sir Dick Leslie having Chinese ! I DENOUNCE YOU !! Spam Queen for conduct unbecoming a dribbler. Only you own self confession of guilt has saved you from EXPULSION from the Dribblelist my good woman. You will serve nine years before the mast on the SS Durose and sleep in the crows nest until further notice.

Appalled of Charley.

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2000

Well...did anyone take pix for the American contingent? Come on...we would have been there.

You can't forget Maz and the Loo...

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2000

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