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Fred I develop this film one sheet at a time in trays with intermittent agitation in Ilford's LC29 dil.1:29(this is similar to HC110).

-- Trevor Crone (, April 30, 2000


IMHO it sounds more likely to be a problem with processing than fogging. I would have thought that fogging would result in more irregular patterns??? But I'm no expert!! The only other possibility is the film itself. I have had sheets of FP4 Plus that all had parallel marks running across every sheet in the box. This has only happened once and so I would be surprised if it was anything other than a fault with that box of film. Have you tried a fresh box?? Best of luck. Paul

-- Paul Owen (, April 30, 2000.

Paul you may be right with regards to a fault with the film.I do have another unopened box of film in the fridge which I'll try next time I shoot infra red.Fortunately I've been able to print down these faint lines so they don't show in the finished print.However I do still suspect some fogging for I've just noticed there are certain areas showing uneven tones which I don't think is uneven development.I must try a thicker cloth over the bellows.Many thanks,Trevor.

-- Trevor Crone (, April 30, 2000.

Your bellows might not be light-tight to IR. Once when I had a pinhole leak (for all light!) in my bellows, I got a small area on my negatives with thin parallel lines. Fabrics might not be IR opaque, either. If you want to augment your bellows, perhaps Aluminum foil would be a good choice. To test whether you have a IR leak, take your camera to light equivalent to that in which you use it, place a holder in the camera and remove the dark slide for longer than you would have it out in making a photograph (in order to make the test more stringent that actual use). Do not fire the shutter. Develop the film and see if it is exposed.

-- Michael Briggs (, April 30, 2000.

Trevor, thanks for the info, having trouble with e-mail. Regards Paul

-- Paul Owen (, May 04, 2000.

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