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Donna Frederickson UMD Cohort, Int'l Falls Contract for A, Semester 2, 2000

Celebration of Success: An Arts Day for Grades 7-12, Falls High School

The Celebration of Success was held on Thursday, April 4, 2000 at Backus Auditorium. This day featured art displays of work completed by grade 7-12 students. Some of the work displayed was paper mache masks, watercolors, ceramic figure and tiles and acrylic paintings. The display cases and the school board meeting room were filled with impressive pieces of art.

The Junior High Band and Choir presented concerts in the afternoon. Following the concert the music students toured the artwork. It is difficult for some parents to attend the afternoon concert due to work schedules. However, the student attendance is always excellent because they are out their regular school classes for at least an hour. We have the concert at 1:00, p.m. and hope that the parents can rearrange their lunch hour to attend. This year we had an excellent attendance. We had several classes of students who walked over for the concert, a lot of parents attended and many elderly members of our community attended. The elderly stated that they were pleased to attend a concert in the afternoon because many do not like to go out in the evening. The local paper, the Daily Journal, posted several good pictures of the performing groups and the artwork in the newspaper.

In the evening, the Senior High music units performed. First, the concert band and jazz band performed and then, the SATB and SSA choirs and swing choir followed. It was an excellent evening of music and art and the auditorium was packed.

Besides artwork being displayed, some of the music projects from the year were displayed, such as short compositions, lyric writing and article reviews.

We started the Celebration of Success several years ago as an art/music department display. Some years the English, speech, theater and foreign language departments joined in with the display. The Celebration day has been beneficial for the art/music department to present a unified front to the school board, administration, community, parents and students. A great deal of planning goes in to the day and it is very difficult hauling all of the music equipment and art work to the auditorium two miles away from the high school, but it is a day enjoyed by all.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2000

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