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I discovered the coolest little trick today. I have a large (almost 4" diameter) 30cm tele lens in barrel. This means I can't mount my Packard behind the lens (protrusion behind lens board). I had in mind all sorts of strange contraptions to mount the Packard (a 7" model) in front of the camera but behind the lens, but I tripped upon a much simpler solution today.

1) Get a box of 4x5 Polaroid film. 2) Take the film out. Shoot it. The box should now be empty. 3) Trace the outline of the front of the lens on one side of the box. Cut out this circle with an X-Acto knife. You don't need to be precise, but err on the smaller side than the larger; it's easier to correct later. The box should fit snugly over the front of your lens. 4) Open the Packard. Trace the outline of the circle on the other side of the box and cut it out. 5) Mount the Packard on the side of the box you just cut out, pistons forward. 6) Slip the whole contraption over the front of your lens. Secure with tape to the front standard if necessary.

Now you have a front-mounted Packard!

-- Josh Wand (, April 28, 2000


See, tripping is good. Everyone should do it occasionally!

-- fred (, April 29, 2000.

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