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I'm not sure if this is random or intentional, makes me wonder though.....

The Story:

Friday April 28 6:12 PM ET

4 Dead in Suburban Pa. Shootings By TODD SPANGLER, Associated Press Writer

McKEES ROCKS, Pa. (AP) - A gunman opened fire in two suburban Pittsburgh shopping centers Friday, killing three people, police said. A man in custody was also suspected in a fourth person's death, as well as shootings at two synagogues.

Two people were fatally shot at a Chinese restaurant in McKees Rocks, while another person was killed at a martial arts school in Monaca, police said. A woman was found dead in her Mount Lebanon home, and the shooter was suspected in her death, said Mount Lebanon police Deputy Chief Henry Egal.

The woman's cause of death had not been determined. She lived on the same block as the unidentified suspect, he said.

The suspect also fired shots at two synagogues, but no one was injured, police said. A swastika and the word ``Jew'' had been sprayed on one synagogue, police said.

Vinh Truong, a cook at the Ya Fei Chinese Cuisine restaurant at the Plaza at Robinson Town Centre in McKees Rocks, said his brother-in-law was one of the two shot there.

Truong was in the kitchen when an employee ran from the front of the restaurant, telling everyone to escape. Instead, he left the kitchen and saw his brother-in-law on the floor

``I see my brother Tony on the floor,'' said Truong, who did not give the man's full name. ``I tell everybody 'somebody shot Tony.'''

The Beaver County dispatcher said a suspect was arrested in Ambridge, about 6 miles southeast of Monaca and 16 miles northwest of Pittsburgh. No further details of the shootings or arrest were available.

Scott Township police in nearby Carnegie said another person was wounded at an undisclosed location there. Linda Ross, a spokeswoman at Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh, said that the 25-year-old man was in critical condition with a gunshot wound to the upper back and neck region.

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-- Michael (, April 28, 2000


I wonder, are there really more of these things going on now, or is it just that every incident in a country with 275,000,000+ people is headline news all over the country?

-- White Spy (WhiteSpy@Spies.Rus), April 28, 2000.

Maybe the Klintonistas are cranking up the HAARP energy and making everyone irritable, thus pushing borderline personalities over the edge. Supposedly they can target the energy. Are these latest incidents anywhere Sollog's Lines?

-- Angel (angel@notthis.HAARP), April 28, 2000.

Yep, sure does seem like a lot of 'postal' people going off these days, doesnt it?

Peoples with SERIOUS issues, just going "off" and killing/maiming others man, this is crazy.

To think I was worried about Y2K...we aint seen nothing yet.?

-- consumer (, April 28, 2000.

HAARP; fin de seicle; solar max; planetary alignments; a gollem for president -- take your pick. Any one of these influences alone would be enough to make anyone feel sympathy with the berserkers.


-- Squirrel Hunter (nuts@upina.cellrelaytower), April 28, 2000.

>Are these latest incidents anywhere Sollog's Lines? Angel, do you have a link to the explaination of Sollog's line? I remember seeing something about it, and then I lost it before I could bookmark it.


-- (, April 29, 2000.

-- For entertainment and (amusement@purposes.only!), April 29, 2000.

>From the quill of Sollog

Dipped in the blood of sacrifice

Viewed with the rod of Hermes and the flame of Delphi

These 13 events are GUARANTEED to occur in between the time they were written on 11/13/99 to the beginning of the New Millennium that begins 01/01/01

1. Major fall in stock market at the end of 1999 will occur

2. Quakes over 7.0 will occur in

1. Middle East

2. China

3. Indonesia

3. Over 10 named hurricanes will occur in the Atlantic for the year 2000 hurricane season

4. A quake over 5.0 will occur within 50 miles of Los Angeles

5. A major space program failure will occur

6. A major new discovery in space will occur

7. Y2K failures in India, China, Russia and South America will occur

8. The assassination of political leader will occur

9. Another plane crash connected to JFK will occur

10. A celebrity death due to an over dose will occur

11. Another school shooting ON THE LINE from Miami through Oklahoma City through just south of Seattle will occur

12. A hurricane will occur on THE LINE from Oklahoma City, through Miami through St. Johns

13. Another political scandal will occur in Washington DC

These 13 Prophecies that are written in the blood of sacrifice will all occur by the New Millennium that starts 01/01/01

For I AM Sollog!



It's JP Essene editor of

Sollog has released 13 New Millennium Prophecies

Here they are

-- Predictor (predictor@doomsayers.rus), April 29, 2000.

Originally posted by Andrew Hennessey on the CTRL list in reply to SOLLOG'S 13:

here, my stylus dipped in the ancient cauldron of xule do I - Xorg, hereby prophesise the following .... to occur before 01/01/01

1. I will visit the toilet in the next week 2. I will breathe air 3. I will eat of food 4. I will drink of liquids 5. verily shall I payeth mine phone bill 6. I shall gaze upon the demented vortex of microsoft 7. and an absence of sunshine shall befall us 8. I shall tread the firmament 9. and yea shall I turn mine television off 10. and lo, I will hear of Unconstitutional things 11. my neighbour shall be conned out of money 12. verily I shall replace my toilet paper 13. and unto us will cometh more prophesies

So sayeth Ambassador Xorg divine embassy to humanity from the planet Xule, and lo, his wisdom doth supercede ye minions of Sollog.

-- Flash (flash@flash.hq), April 29, 2000.

Boy, some news sure gets a lot of airplay. Anybody else been reading about the other poor foreign children that don't get the front page like a little Cuban boy we all know? Are we being led by the noses to what we are to pay attention to? Probably!

If some of those people that were shot had easy access to a means to defend themselves would they be dead now?

Are we just being told about these incidents to turn us away from other things or to change public opinion about guns?

On the more far out side of things....

The chemtrails thing is an amplifier for the HAARP thing so it is much more effective...

Or maybe the spraying is some wellmeaning attempt at slowing down or stopping global warming. I read about a plan to spray something out of planes that was to increase the solar reflection a few years ago in popular science.

-- Just passin through (, April 29, 2000.

Update: Slaying Suspect Described as Loner

PITTSBURG,April 30 - Th white man who allegedly killed five members of ethnic or minorities in suburbs here Friday was an unemployed lawyer who had bouts of mental instability and espoused extremist views, according to news reports and one of his friends.

Richard Scott Baumhammer, 34, was described as a drifting loner with a pation for his Latvian heritage but who also violently resented non-Europeans and at times believed someone was after him.


Full story (I can't cut/paste from that link, had to type excerpt by hand.)

-- (y@x.x), May 01, 2000.

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