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Can anyone suggest what has happened to a film that I have just developed. I used Agfa APX 25 in 120 roll film in a 6x9 Horseman holder. I developed 2 films in PMK Pyro (separately and in fresh dev on each occasion). One film was fine, however after drying the second (air drying) I have noticed a definite narrow band of staining across the bottom of the film strip. This band is only about a cm wide but runs along the whole length of the film, and is about 1cm from the bottom edge of the film. I was surprised to see it as I stuck to my normal technique with regards to temperature and agitation. Any suggestions??? The film was developed on a reel in a closed tank. Thanks in advance. Paul

-- Paul Owen (, April 28, 2000


are you sure there isn't any light leak in your tank? or maybe the tank wasn't closed properly when you processed.

by the way, are you getting much stain with agfa 25 in PMK? I can't seem to get that film to stain!

-- Dave Anton (, April 28, 2000.

Paul, This sounds suspiciously like some uneven development problems I had when I used 120 film a lot. It seems that my tanks were so full that the agitation I used caused a stripe of over-development along the edge of the film closest to the top of the tank. I solved my problem by only filling the tanks just enough to cover the film reels and increasing the vigor of my agitation. I don't know if this apples in your case, but I do know that Pyro is especially sensitive when it come to agitation. Maybe this will help. Regards, ;^D)

-- Doremus Scudder (, April 29, 2000.

Thanks for the replies , I think it is probably agitation combined with an over full tank. By the way, Dave, I do get a noticeable stain with this film/dev combination but nowhere near the degree of staining with FP4 Plus and similar "old technology" films. As a matter of interest Agfa APX25 appears much sharper in PMK when compared to other devs I have tried, FX 39, Ilfosol S and Rodinal to name but a few. Paul

-- Paul Owen (, April 30, 2000.

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