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Sigh. I hate being such a jealous person, guys, I really do.

But Hilary is driving me nuts.

As y'all know from my notify today, she met Ken for coffee, today and now she's been finding ways to work it into every conversation we have. "Do you think he's really going to show up?" "Are you mad at me?" "I won't go if you don't want me to?"

I'm just feeling really betrayed right now. I know it's not like he's mine to fight over but I just feel really hurt that she couldn't just be happy for me that he and I are good friends, but instead she had to jump right in the middle of it and try to make him be better friends with her.


I feel like I'm back in the fifth grade. Only I'm no better than she is because it's hurting me and I'm getting upset about it.

I guess the biggest thing that bothers me is that if he starts hanging with Hilary, I won't be special to him anymore. Maybe I never was. I don't think I could handle finding that out, you know?

I feel like I should say something to her, but what is that going to get me? Nothing. Especially because how do you tell your friend that she's not allowed to be friends with someone else?

Man, I'm obviously having one giant Patrick episode, here.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2000


Just something interesting.

I was over on this Tarot Card website doing my daily reading and the situation I was concentrating on was about Ken and me and Hilary and how I should handle it, and in one of the card positions that represent a present element of the sitation, this card came up:

QUEEN OF CUPS (reversed) -- A melodramatic scenestealer. A sentimental hypochondriac. A person prey to wild and shifting emotional fancies

Then in another position representing the things that the querent (or me) have been under the influence of, there was:

THE KING OF CUPS (reversed): Charming but ineffectual man. Passionate but emotionally unavailable.

You know, I just do this stuff for fun, but sometimes it's scary.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2000

Um, I think the Tarot cards were right, only they weren't talking about Hilary and Ken.


-- Anonymous, May 04, 2000

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