47-100, 3.5 Hexanon Lens

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Quick question for anyone who might know. I just recently came across a Hexanon 47-100, 3.5. I am potentially interested in the lens for use with a FS-1. I noticed a reference to this being made specifically for the half-format Auto Reflex. Is this lens also usable with an FS-1? If so, does anyone have any comments concerning the worthiness of this lens?

Thanks! Steve S

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2000


47-100mm Hexanon Zoom


The 47-100mm Zoom-Hexanon AR will fit and meter properly with your FS-1 camera. As it was designed for 1/2 frame use, according to Lou Jacobs, the lens will vignette at the lower end of the zoom range.

My opinion is that this is more of a collector's item than something I'd want to use regularly.

If you want Hexanon, the later 35-70mm f3.5 would be a better choice.

There are also very nice Tokinas and Kirons available in Konica AR mount at very reasonable prices.

If you can purchase this at a good price, flog it off to collectors on eBay and use the proceeds to get a more modern lens. These seem to bring over $150 when offered for auction.

Zoom technology, in particular, has improved dramatically in the past 34 years!


-- Anonymous, April 28, 2000

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