Whither the Test Loop?

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A lot of time has passed since we've heard any Shawnee Mission Park Test Loop results. For a while last year it seemed to serve several vital functions: (1) it measured the progress of various OKer's physical conditioning, (2) it was a way for OKers to meet on a weekly basis, (3) it provided a "spectator element" as those who couldn't make it would live vicariously through the test loopers as they submitted test loop results to the web.

I would like to organize the test loop series again. Anyone is welcome - run or walk at your own pace around the 2.04-mile trails circuit, then meet up at the finish. We often go out to eat afterwards. Meet near the tennis courts at Shawnee Mission Park in the evenings. What I need to know is the best time to meet. How do Tuesday evenings sound? Is there a better day of the week? What time can people make it? Sunset is just after 8pm these days, so it is easy to fit in. How does 6:30 sound?

-- Mook (everett@psi.edu), April 27, 2000



The SMP test loop runs are likely to start up again soon. Look for an announcement in the next week or so. Mary and I are meeting with Dick and Nancy (both have run with us in the past years) tomorrow night. Aside from discussion of the North Am. Rogaine Champs, we'll discuss the schedule for the SMP runs.

Look for some possible changes to the weekly training sessions this year. One idea that is being thrown around is to do occassional (once a month?) park-O' courses using the SMP map but staying out of the woods. Another idea is occassional (once a month?) runs (or bike rides?) from our house...followed by post-run cookouts on Mike and Mary's newly acquired charcoal grill.

Something that might "throw a monkey wrench" into SMP planning are the reports that Dan recently suffered an injury.


-- Michael (meglin@juno.com), April 27, 2000.

Rumors of my demise have been greatly exaggrated!!!! I have found that I now make it my absolute policy to take off work the day after my car gets totalled by a taxi that runs a stop sign. Minor injuries were sustained. Congratulations are extended to Mook.

-- Snorkel (daniel.meenehan@umb.com), April 27, 2000.

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