Fetishes. I know you have them.

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I have a lot. Leather, vampires, tattoos, skinheads, piercings, trannies, punk boys. All somewhat run of the mill I suppose.

What are yours? Come on, you know you wanna tell us.

-- Anonymous, April 26, 2000


Ooh, first one to answer, I even beat Stasi! Damn I'm good.

Anyhow...I have a huge "thing" for scrawny, pale, starving artist type guys. Every guy that I've ever dated but one of them has been like that. And the one that wasn't was probably the worst relationship I've ever had.


-- Anonymous, April 27, 2000

I love women who hate me. I don't know why...........

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2000

Seconding Meghan. And I seem to end up with musicians, even when I deliberately try to avoid them. WTF, you know?!

And I like longish dark hair on boys. Not facial hair. Not body hair. Head hair. They've got to have a nice, thick, dark head of hair. Nature is cruel, though, most guys my age are losing theirs, dreading it (me no like), or shaving it all off ON PURPOSE!! Like, weh.

-- Anonymous, April 27, 2000

Anything I say I absolutely won't do.

(And when I read the question first, I was wondering why you thought a transmission fetish was run-of-the mill... Such an automotive upbringing).

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2000

fetishes. . .

silly puddy. black jellybeans. faeries. gothic type guys. tattoos. piercings.

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2000

I hope this doesn't stick my reply at the beginning. Feh.

Ashley, blame your brother for that one. Actually, don't. Jeremy told me what's wrong with my car. He rules.

I adore boys with shaved heads. Men... boys... whatever. I don't like long hair, and honestly, I don't like dreadlocks either. But don't tell Colby tha

-- Anonymous, April 28, 2000

I have a fetish for nice shoulders on men, and the base of the back on women. I have no idea why. I also love a good cologne on a guy, as long as it's subtle. I just discovered that freckles also do it for me. Mmm.

-- Anonymous, April 29, 2000

Oh yeah, it is at least half Jeremy's fault, but that's okay. Part of the price of having people around who can diagnose cars.

And I think I have a thing for a certain kind of crooked smile... Just makes me melt and willing to do just about anything. Not sure if that counts as a fetish, though.

-- Anonymous, April 30, 2000

Well, I get the first MAY answer. That's how much *I* rock. (=

Fetishes, eh?

Damn. Um. The whole D/s thing. That's about as far as I can go with that. Too many people I know read this forum.

And I bet you all think *I* am the Domme, huh?


-- Anonymous, May 01, 2000

Actually, I knew you were the subby, but then... I know everything.


PS. I'm posting from work. Shhh...

-- Anonymous, May 01, 2000

Women touching and satisfying themselve, that does it for me.

-- Anonymous, June 07, 2000

I can say that I agree with TRM's fetish, but more so that I have a thing about pleasing women, or trying to find out what makes them happy... And I would have to say that a woman's stomach does it for me. :)

-- Anonymous, November 16, 2000

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