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Has anyone experience of using the Sinar zoom 2 rollfilm holder - especially its drawbacks (apart from the price). I plan to use it on a Technikardan S 45 but I understand it doesn't fit all 4x5 camera backs (review article by Gene Kennedy, View Camera July/August 1998). Any comments would be most appreciated.

-- Philip Y Graham (, April 25, 2000


The Linhof Techno Rolex 56 x 120mm fits perfectly while we have no reports of how the Sinar 56 x 112mm back works on the TK.

All Linhof 612 focusing aids are based on 56 x 120mm rather then the smaller 56 x 112mm so Linhof's aids won't be accurate with this back.

-- Bob Salomon (, April 25, 2000.

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