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Whenever I try to capture I am getting audio/video synch problems everytime. I have tried ATI VCR 1.0 and 2.0 and MPEG 1 direct and still it will not work correctly. Can anyone help me? I have the ATI AIW 32 MB card and my specs are the following : - Athalon 600 - 128 RAM - ATI AIW - SB Live! - 2 Hard Drives 18 GIG SCSI and a 20 GIG EIDE

-- Cale Ferguson (, April 25, 2000


You didnt mention if the sound was early or late. The problem may be that your Athlon is too fast for the sound card. I have an Athlon 650 and a SB PCI 128. Many of my vcds play out of synch with the sound almost 3 seconds too early. I have been searching for an answer for this problem without any success. These same vcds play in synch on my older computer with a cheap ESS sound card in it.

-- Tim (, October 09, 2000.

To Whomever E-Mailed Me, Thanks for your suggestion to try AVI IO. I downloaded it, but it is only able to open .avi files. VCDs are .dat

-- Tim (, October 10, 2000.

The most common cause for audio/video sync problems in an avi file is dropped frames. You also need to make sure your hard drive is defragged and that all your drivers(sound card,video card etc...are up to date. If your capture card is dropping a lot of frames then get rid of it

-- AL (, October 12, 2000.

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