Type of tree climbing and rappell system do jumpers use.

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I am not a jumper but work in R5 on the Sierra NF as a foreman on a TSI crew. I am a trainee climber. My question is what type of rappell system do jumpers use when they get hung in a tree and also do they ever ascend back up their rope to gain entry into the tree versus using spurs and a flip rope. Reason I am asking is I am curious to find out if the double line with a prussic system is used. Also how much rope is usually carried by each person and what type. Thank you Burt Stalter

-- Burt Stalter (choinumni4@yahoo.com), April 24, 2000


let downs,ropes & stuff

Jumpers don't use ropes for let downs, they carry a tape, very thin and light (strong enough to tow a truck with). This is braided into a birds nest which can be tied off and dropped. Gravity will unravel it. Several loops are run through a "D" ring, bring it around your butt and down you go. Normally a hundred feet is carried unless you jump out of North Cascades where you carry at least 150'. In the Baker Wilderness that is often not enough. I was trained in tree hazard reduction using the prussic system. It is possible to ascend the double line by placing it around the outside of your left foot, catch the rope with the top of your right foot then place it on top of your left foot trapping the rope. (your knees are bent) push up with your legs, get a new grip with your hands and repeat.

-- Nick Holmes (knikniknik@aol.com), April 30, 2000.

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