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I just brought a Sinar F, does anybody know anything about it? What it like to use? Is it a good buy for a view camera? (I want to use it for just about everything) Any information would be helpful. Thanks

-- John Miller (, April 24, 2000


I use a sinar f2 and I'm totally satisfied with it. If you want to know any details in how to handle the camera I recommend the sinar lf- books in German or English. There's a book about the basics of lf- photography with sinar cameras and others about subjects like people, landscape and architecture. Get used to the SCheimpflug and the dof-calculator that are built in the f2 model. They are utterly useful even if they don't work under every circumstances. If you have any more specific questions ask sinar directly (their customer service is excellent) or ask me.

-- Tom Castelberg (, April 25, 2000.

The Fis a great camera. Solid. sturdy and easy to use. A few tips after my first year with it;be careful when removing a the lensboard with a lens in it, once you flip up the retainer it will drop out by itself so make sure you're holding it; set up the central tripod mount position so you dont need to adjust it-saves time; the swing lock lever seems to get loose by itself; get a case that allows you to carry the camera suspended upside down-again faster and easier to use. Only downside is portability and the ground glass is a bit busy.

-- Alan Barton (, April 25, 2000.

I've been using a Sinar F professionally since bought new in 1980. I have found it to be robust and straightforward although with cost- conscious clients I find myself using it with a 6x9cm rollfilm back more and more. It has never been serviced or broken down. I have attempted to use it outside the studio on a couple of occasions, it's a pain. For location large format I would recomend (via a landscape photog friend) a folding Linhoff. Cheers.

-- Simon Butcher (, April 27, 2000.

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