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I use iFilm 1.4.5, Adobe Premier 5.5, and Ulead Media Studio 6.0 and am having trouble with the vcd disc I created. If I write the original file from the ATI video capture software the vcd plays fine. This is only if I use the default vcd settings in ati's software. If I capture a file with higher quality (motion compensation setting to 5) settings then edit (cut to less than 74 minutes) using iFilm to change to vcd settings, the vcd file is corrupted. There are only a couple of errors in the entire vcd file. I don't have any other programs running at the time, my computer is p3-600 with 128mb, abit be6-2, so I don't think its the system.

Any help would be appreciated.

Also if I set motion compensation to higher than 3 then nero or ezcd creator won't recognize it as vcd standard. Is there any way around this? Or another program to set the file to vcd standard?

-- JY (james.yang@home.com), April 24, 2000


VCDs have very strict settings. They are as follows: 352x240 NTSC @ 29.97 fps @ 1150 Kbits/sec video and 224 Kbits/sec audio.

I hope that helps. Best to just capture at highest quality then encode to VCD standard using Panasonic MPEG-1 Encoder.

-- Michael S. Gilmore (mgilmore@san.rr.com), April 24, 2000.


I have ATI 128 AGP with similar system config as yours. IfilmEdit will correct your VCD from ATI fine. What did you used in the Ifilm Edit settings? In the preference choose VideoCD mode before cutting and record your clips. This feature will correct the mux rate and GOP that you've set in ATI. Becareful about GOP settings in ATI don't go under 9/3. As for motion estimation settings you can go up as far as 17 to make your mpeg1 less blockiness, when using GOP at 15/3, else you can go up to 20 (best) if your GOP is at 12/3 or 9/3. The GOP and motion estimation will slightly distort your audio and jerk your video if you don't correct them with IfilmEdit.

-- (wingstarzz@hotmail.com), April 24, 2000.

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