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Hello. I was wondering if there is any software that lets me input my own Bitmap for a menu in a vcd.... (similar to what dvd's have..) Please let me know of the best software to do this... Thanks.


-- Mansur (, April 23, 2000


Yes,there are two types of ways: 1. I know that Video Pack 4 can do this. I have not found any way to do this from Easy CD Creator. I've heard you may be able to do this with WinOnCD 3.7. This is for still frames that can imported as 352x240 or 704x480. 2. This way is using a MPEG Encoder (Such as Xing) to encode a bitmap with a audio track behind it.

Hope this helps!

-- Jay (, April 24, 2000.

I use this encoder - AVI2VCD - to make menu page mpegs in creating multi-volume VideoCDs in Adaptec EZCD. I create AVI in Platypus Animator from JPEG menu image and attach a stereo wave file. AVI2VCD produces an MPEG acceptable to Adaptec EZCD where most encoders do not. This is how I produce VideoCD from home camcorder videos. The disks play perfectly on my Philips DVD718 with an excellent menu system.

-- Garth (, June 08, 2000.

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