Why am i getting stretch marks from lifting

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I am 17 yrs old and i have been lifting now on and off for about 3 years I got back into it about 2 months ago and my arms have shot up and now i am getting stretch marks on my arms and especially under my arm pit area. I am not fat i am average weight. My question is why am i getting this and how do i stop them?

-- Jeff Stone (surfer97410@aol.com), April 23, 2000


Like the belly of a pregnant woman your arms get bigger than the skin is able to adapt. If one has genetic predisposition it´s hard to stop this. I recommend taking zinc-pills and moisten the skin with cream for dry skin. If this does not stop the strechmarks you have to live with them.

-- Björn Gschwendtner (gscbj@pei.de), December 20, 2000.

its your skin type, listen to the guy above get some Zinc and that should help

-- dustin (Destoryhal@hotmail.com), May 14, 2001.

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