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My PC has ran out of PCI slots and I really need a USB device that captures at 640X480 resolution AVI. Does there exist such a device and where do I get one?


-- MrVCD (, April 22, 2000


Wow! You filled up all the slots??? How the hell did you do that? Time to get a Matrox Marvel G400 TV. $289 out the door, next day shipping free.

-- Michael S. Gilmore (, April 23, 2000.

640 x 480 at 29.97 FPS is going to need about 18 MB per second tranfer rate. (uncompressed) Even at 3:1 compression you'll be looking at around 12 Megabyte per second. I highly doubt a USB interface is going to be able to handle that.

-- Rich (, April 23, 2000.

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