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I installed a MRC AD305 decoder and programed engine. It runs ok but lights don't work. I replaced the bulbs (12 volt 50 milliamp) during instulation. When I program loco one of the bulbs blinks.

-- Thomas Dunn (TDUNN30998@AOL.COM), April 21, 2000


You didn't state whether or not the decoder was an 8-pin plug type or if you had to solder each wire in place. I'm going to assume you have an 8-pin plug on it. Check CAREFULLY the top of the plug and make sure no wires are touching or that no solder from any factory connections are touching. It is also possible that the decoder itself has a malfunction. One of mine came through like that and was no good as far as lights were concerned. I ended up using it in a Stewart B-unit. Works fine there. If this is one you've had to solder in (no 8-pin plug) check all your connections and again make sure your joints are ok. Also, if you don't know, be cautious what type of soldering iron you use. A 15-watt is big enough. Anything over that and you risk sending "feedback" into the decoder. I have done this. My first installation I used a Weller "gun" type set at 45-watts and ruined an AD-305. Hope this info helps you out! Dave

-- Dave Poor (, April 23, 2000.

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