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This is primarily directed to the System Integrators. Brian/Pat... Has a date or deadline been decided on for the preliminary submission of everyone's section write-ups? When would you like to have the drafts in so that they can be reviewed and integrated into the overall report? Also, the use of the Visions Lab seemed to be very valuable during the last class period. Would it be a good idea to use the Visions Lab again at some point so that everyone can hop on the PCs to proof, edit, and then submit their sections to you?

-- Eric Rhoden (rhoden@colorado.edu), April 21, 2000


The drafts need to be done by early next week (i.e. Monday/Tuesday). Wednesday at the very latest. I also agree that using the Visions Lab next week is a good idea. When you have your draft finished however, ftp it to that odguest site and let Brian or I know that it's there.

Also, when writing up your section, make a list of the files you wrote and what each file is supposed to do. This will make it easier for someone else to see which files were used for what purpose.

Thanks, pat

-- Patrick Shriver (Patrick.Shriver@colorado.edu), April 21, 2000.

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