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For any of you video audiophiles out there, I have an extra Sony S7000 REFERENCE DVD player for sale, as well as a Sony STR-DE915 Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound processor with cinema sound. For those in the know, the S7000 DVD player is considered the best DVD player built to date ans is the standard by which every other picture is measured. No new models compare as far as master quality DVD playback. I have two I purchased for $1200 each and am willing to sell one for $500

I am also selling the DE915 which is 100 watts per channel amp with excellent 6 channel speaker out puts with pro turn connectors and it has GREAT clear LOUD sound. I never even have to turn it more than 1/3rd to a half of the way up for it to be LOUD. Paid $700, selling for $300.

Both make a PERFECT top notch home theatre system, will sell the combo together for $100 off - $700 total.

E-mail me at if interested. Yes, the sony S7000 plays CD-Rs and VCDs. It is also one of the BEST rated CD players.

-- Blackout (, April 21, 2000


oki doki

-- amir (, July 31, 2003.

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