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Fast Company, March 2000, pg.96

Unit of One-How May I Help You?

Edited by Lucy McCauley

Customer Service is important now more than ever, given the explosion of customer choice as well as the speed and interactivity of the Internet. Anticipating needs and solving problems before they happen are important components of good customer service. The article entitled "How May I Help You?" is a collection of interviews with experts in various fields. They share their insights into what it takes to deliver great customer service.

As an educator I feel that I serve children (my customers) and I too need to have great customer service skills. With this in mind, the interview that held the most interest for me was that of Mark A. Wallace, President and CEO of Texas Children's Hospital in Houston, Texas. His continuous goal is to find ways to help sick children and their families feel better. He has learned that providing the children with easy access to their parents as well as distraction from their illnesses is an important part of the recovery process. The hospital has a playground as well as a children's radio station that plays kids favorite CDs. The radio station even invites sick children to announce, tell jokes, or share stories over the radio. I found his ideas and dedication to children, inspiring.

In the field of teaching, "parents" and "play" are important pieces of a total learning experience. When parents are involved in children's learning whether it be volunteering at school or helping with homework at home on a regular basis, children are more likely to be successful. So as a teacher, the more I can get parents involved with my students, the better my customer service will be. Incorporating play into learning makes learning fun and memorable. As a teacher, if I can make my lessons interesting, relevant and enjoyable for my students, I am providing the customer service that my students deserve.

I am continuously challenging myself to find new ways to meet the varied needs of my students. Working closely with colleagues and sharing experiences is highly beneficial. We all learn together as well as from each other.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2000

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