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How did Carla and Miles relationship end? I know that she ended up with Miles' brother but I don't know what lead up to that.

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2000


Miles tried to sleep with Carla in her garage one night and that was when his suit got torned to shreds by the saw. He told her that he was drying his clothes out and that was why he took them off. When he became forceful trying to get her to sleep with him, she turned on the saw and that was when his clothes got 'in the way'. She left the garage and town with Miles' brother. I think that he decided he had waited long enough and that he could talk her into sleeping with him, but instead he pushed her out of his life and into his brothers.

-- Anonymous, April 21, 2000

I believe that their relationship ended for all intents and serious purposes the day she was over for dinner and read the article that Dale had written. That taken into account with the garage incident and Miles inability to form a stable relationship with a woman led to Carla ending up with Dale. Thus, this begins Miles stalling of his relationship ability, and Dale and Carla certainly deserve each other, at least we are led to believe that from the author and the book. My favorite part was when Hassler used the conversation between Miles and Dave when Dave states that a woman will end up just like her mother (hmm, a little foreshadowing going on here?). Truer words could not be spoken, as when we look at the reunion, and Carla has turned into her mother and uses the same expression that her mother used when Miles had been over for dinner years earlier, "You make my ass tired", and "You Pruitt brother's make my ass tired". That is so wonderfully perfect in it's own way.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2000

I know that the "garage incident" may have been what appeared to end the relationship between Miles and Carla but I believe that Dale may have had something to do with its end. Dale might have said that Carla was not a good person for Miles when he started seeing her but I saw this warning as a hint for future events. Dale ended up respecting Carla after their discussion over the movie that they had both saw. I think that after this they may have been seeing each other behind Miles' back. This is just the way I saw the situation but I might be jumping to wrong conclusions.

-- Anonymous, April 25, 2000

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