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"Houston, we've got a problem" Running Postershop 4.5 w/ Windows NT, SP4. Yesterday, the hardrives became full during a rip. When this occured, Win NT went into a Blue Death screen and started an "Intrigual Memory Dump" This took about 5 mintues. When it completed, the server rebooted. Since then, i'm getting the following Dr. Watson error: "An application error has occured and an application error log is being generated. ProServ.exe (0cx0000005). Address: 0x1005dca3" PosterShop will start but poster server will not. when i attempt to start poster server, the above dr. watson error comes up. Attempted Solutions: I've attempted to reload the Onyx software back into the onyx directory off the root drive. Prior to that, defraged all hard drives in the server. Still this error persists. Any help here would be greatly appreciated!! I'm new to this company a week now and no one seems to know a thing about this! Thanks in advan

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2000


Poor guy! Make sure the following: 1. Your system drive has enough space >= 200 MB 2. Before reloading the Onyx Software delete all the files in your ONYX45 folder (sorry, you have to re-configure everything) 3. If you are running PosterShop Server: Install the queues on a different drive than your system drive We recommend: System Drive 4095 MB, Data drive: >=9 GB (queues on there) 4. For Server: just delete the file AutoServ.cfg and skip step 2 and reboot NT and PosterShop (will save a lot of time)...

Hope this will help...

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2000

A BIG THANK YOU to Alfred for his help in my problem!! Made a tough situation a lot easier! :

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2000

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