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Been trying out both Panasonic and Ligos encoders.... found something..

Panasonic is much faster for its quality compared to Ligos. Panasonic also has a better selection of filters (able to use two). But Panasonic generated MPEGs... well using the VCD templates do not play well on some stand alone decoders and a few software decoders.... mostly resulting in video/audio synch problems.

-- Flancer (, April 19, 2000


I must say, that I haven't found this to be the case. I use the Panasonic Encoder and have played the resulting VCDs on many platforms including the Raite 715, the Pioneer 525 and have used numerous software players including VCD Cutter and Microsofts Media Player and Xings MPEG Player.

I have had problems getting all these players to play my VCDs if I use Adaptecs EZ CD Creator 4.0. But they all work if I use Adaptecs EZ CD Creator 3.0. Go figure.

Do you think the blame could be elsewhere?

-- Michael S. Gilmore (, April 20, 2000.

The problem is not the CD burning software. I know.. I tried WinOnCD, EZ CD Creator (which btw, produces VCDs that works nicely ...for me anyway), and even Nero. Any MPEG clip produced by Panasonic that is longer than 30 minutes is going to have video/audio sync problems (its only apparent once u watch beyond 30 minutes or so). THe sync problem does not show up on the software based decodeer you've mention. But try SthDVD or SthVCD from It displays the problem that would occur on some older MPEG cards. On DVD decoders.. this problem does not seem to exist though. But still I am not comfortable with the fact I have to sacrifice 100% compatibility for quality.. damn shame.. cos Panasonic does create better looking MPEGs.

-- Flancer (, April 21, 2000.

There's a way to fix this problem created by Panasonic. After you've encoded the mpeg system file with the Panasonic, use VCDcutter or something else to demux the audio and video stream in two separate files, then remux it with Xing Encoder.

I had the same problem as yours, plus that a file encoded by Panasonic and burner as VCD with *any* program (Easy Cd, Win On Cd, Nero) would stops after some min. of playback on a CDi machine. With this trick i've solved everything.

Anyone have a idea of why the Panasonic does this bad muxing?


-- Jean-Luc Picard (, April 21, 2000.

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