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I don't want to lose my member, can we direct them back to my site after they have completed the buy process?

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2000


From Eduardo:

It would be a question of what the merchant wants to accept as a 'promotion'on their thank you page. So if the merchant is willing to accept a promotion from the content site (eosports) then we could serve one. We don't have 'logic' in the system to serve up the eosports promotion to the buyers that came from eosports, and we don't expect to do this in the near term.

Another approach is to indicate to eosports that the co-promotion in the arrival page could have a link back to them. The reality is that the merchants / advertisers are paying for traffic and they want it un-cluttered and free of link-backs...

-- Anonymous, April 19, 2000

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