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Hi Lani, Thanks for your answer to my last question. I have read every inch of this website 3 times over already! Now I have another question.

Is the JanSport Weekender an appropriate size for carry-on? I saw it on sale at Campmor for 39.97 where as the carry-on pack by jansport is 34.97. I am tempted to get the Weekender because it is a little bigger but afraid that it may be too big. (I will be flying to the Canary Islands on Air Europa).

Thanks, Chrissylu

-- christine moffa (chrissylu4@juno.com), April 19, 2000


Hi again Chrissy;

Believe it or not the Jansport Weekender was the first carry-on travelpack I ever bought for myself! Yes, it's definitely a carry-on, but it is marginal (if overstuffed, the airline personnel might frown a bit). If you plan to stuff it, you might consider picking up extra compression straps to keep it squished.

The biggest difference between the Weekender and the Carry-on by Jansport is that the Weekender provides you with a shoulder strap; the Carry-on does not. Worse, the Carry-on does not provide you with the D-ring you need to put on your own shoulder strap. Otherwise it's a perfect carry-on pack, in my opinion.

The Weekender is definitely bigger, but also do-able. And at $34.97? Wow, what a deal!

Happy travels!

-- Lani

-- Lani Teshima (baglady@lava.net), April 19, 2000.

I just returned from using the Jansport Weekender for a 3 week, tropical destination trip. I carried it on 8 different flights & had no problem with it's size. Just be sure not to 'max' it out. I only packed the main (large) compartment for airline travel, but when using ground transportation I allowed myself the luxury of spreading out to the outside pockets. But, I already know how I can take less next time.

-- Val Donohoo (kvhc@thegrid.net), July 11, 2000.

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