Dihedral Wall Updated Topo?

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Yo. Anyone out there got an updated Dihedral Wall Topo? Any other Beta?Does it go clean or what is the deal on Iron? Any info would be cool on this old route. Thank

-- Tea (gunslingerillustration@hotmail.com), April 18, 2000


If anyone has the beta, it'll be Chris McNamara, who is completing his new El Cap topos guidebook. His website is , and I believe his email is chris@safeclimbing.org I've never done that wall but it would probably be perfect for me - the crack leans to the left most of the way and it helps to be a lefty! If you're on the SW face of El Cap, you might want to check out Sunkist, which is a superb climb. Dave Benton wrote detailed beta from our ascent here on Tuan's page. Cheers, Pete

-- "Pass the Pitons" Pete Zabrok (pzabrok@netcom.ca), April 19, 2000.

Hmm, my little link attempt didn't work. Chris' website is the American Safe Climbing Association. His address is www.safeclimbing.org

Cheers, P

-- "Pass the Pitons" Pete Zabrok (pzabrok@netcom.ca), April 19, 2000.

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