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Has anyone experience in using brush development for large format b&w negatives? If so I would appreciate a summary of the critical details. Lewis Lauring

-- Lewis Lauring (, April 18, 2000


Lewis, could you explain a little further exactly what technique you are looking for info on? There is a method of developing prints using a brush for a different "look" to the image, but I am not familiar with one for the negative.

-- Doug Paramore (, April 20, 2000.

Several years ago I read an article in View Camera magazine on brush development of 4x5 negatives, i.e. using a soft brush to constantly move the developer over the emulsion, to provide for a smooth even development. I am interested in trying this technique for extra large format negatives (12x20) to be used in trays, one negative at a time and was hoping someone had some hands on experience with the technique.

-- Lewis Lauring (, April 20, 2000.


I presume you'd be doing the brushing in total darkness? Seems awkward to me but don't let me discourage. I have used a brush per Doug Paramore's observation above, i.e., in developing prints. I haven't used one in developing negatives though. Good luck.


-- ROBB REED (REED@NHRC.NAVY.MIL), April 25, 2000.

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