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To contest 'spindoc' drollery I thought best to begin a new Odd Spot thread for boring types.

Tuesday 18 April
Blue-eyed people are thought of as more attractive and intelligent, according to new research. The effect of blue eyes is strongest when their owners are not smiling. But a smiling face was almost always rated as more attractive, regardless of the eyes.

Monday 17 April
Latvia's capital Riga hopes to make a killing, so to speak, from reselling abandoned gravestones and plots. The stones will be reclaimed by the city and sold to funeral homes, which will refurbish them for re-use. The grave plots will also be resold.

Sunday 16 April
Police have busted a German motorist who faked speed signs to avoid paying traffic fines. The man would front court with photographs of himself standing in front of speed-zone signs. Suspicious, police raided his home and found a large cache of stolen signs in his cellar.

A Brazilian man was rescued from his city's sewerage system, four days after flooding swept him into the underground tubing. Neighbors heard the man's cries through a manhole and call police.

Friday 14 April
A seven-year-old US boy got into big trouble for driving off in his sister's car in search of his favorite cereal. Relying on computer game skills, the boy drove five kilometres by alternatively stepping on the accelerator, then climbing on to the seat to steer.

Thursday 13 April
An Italian star of pornographic films, Luana Borgia, 30, has announced that she is going into a convent to meditate and do spiritual purification exercises. The actor, who has appeared in about 30 porn films, says she is tired of her present lifestyle.

Wednesday 12 April
A Norwegian farmer suffered broken ribs and punctured lungs after an ostrich kicked him, apparently mistaking him for a rival in the mating season. The man was in a cage with one male and two female ostriches when the accident happened.

Tuesday 11 April
A nine-tonne, 23-kilometre pork sausage has won the 15 butchers of Langogne, France, a world record. At 23,160 metres, the sausage beat the previous record, held by British butchers, by 1160 metres. Two hundred pigs died for the record.

Regards from OZ (great US kid with fab skills! A1)

-- Pieter (zaadz@icisp.net.au), April 18, 2000


Whoops...:o) I meant to say 'Bonzer US kid with great driving technique. You mob sure release 'em young.'

-- Pieter (zaadz@icisp.net.au), April 18, 2000.

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