update on the main routine

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I've updated the main routine with changes to the status structures. There is now two global status structures-- one which is updated at each 10-second time interval (status_epoch), and one which will be updated at each intermediate integration step (status_realtime). The status_realtime structure is currently updated at the beginning of each interval epoch, and will have to be updated by Donna in her propagator routine.

Also, the main routine will now run through the complete RINEX observation data file, and test if there is an observation at each epoch. Note that you will need the following files to run this current version: /pub/odguest/asen5080/LRrnx_97.036 /pub/odguest/asen5080/time/ymdhms2jd.m /pub/odguest/asen5080/obs_model/read_rinex_header.m /pub/odguest/asen5080/obs_model/read_rinex_obs_data.m

-- Patrick Shriver (patrick.shriver@colorado.edu), April 17, 2000

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