Oversexed my ass!

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Aw, man. C'mon, Sasha. We know you're not oversexed. You're just tired. I'm going to start making mean posts in the forum if you don't update! I mean it!

I'm such a demanding little wench.

Anyhow...I miss you!

Anyone else?

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2000


Poor Sasha...not only are the masses revolting, but she now has a new responsibility. I could not imagine taking care of a man and a mouse all in the same day.

So I'll concur in missing Sasha. You always gave me something interesting to think about...even if it is the technicality of whether having opened a book with intent constitutes reading it... :)

And even if you have "nothing to say", it still seems like muches and muches to me.


-- Anonymous, April 18, 2000

I thought that I was a cute wench! You know that I love you.



-- Anonymous, April 19, 2000

Demanding AND cute, damnit. Happy? No, of course not, because you -are- demanding, after all. Anyway, you have your update so you can quit talking about my sex life!

-- Anonymous, April 20, 2000


By the way...is there really such a thing as oversexed? I mean, I've read the lit, but I've never understood why "oversexed" is used in such a derogatory manner. :) Sex is fun, fun is sex. MORE sex is even MORE fun. Right??? :)

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2000

Oversexed isn't a bad thing....until you find yourself rarin' to go and the person/people you're involved with...aren't. and you have no time or privacy to, ah, take care of things yourself.

I swear I'm the only woman in the world who can manage to have two girlfriends and a very intimate friendship with a guy and still NEVER GET LAID.

--Kris. Who is currently sublimating her sex drive into Unix.

-- Anonymous, April 24, 2000

Excuse me...but there is NO such thing as over-sexed!!! I'm with Goldi!

-- Anonymous, May 27, 2000

hump hump hump

-- Anonymous, June 09, 2000

Over sexed or under laid ?

-- Anonymous, June 17, 2000

If only once in my life, I could meet an oversexed woman, if only.....!!!!!!

-- Anonymous, November 27, 2000

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