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Hello, I am the leader of a new online organization called the Forest Fire Fighters Reform Movement(FFFRM). The goal of the organization is to motivate fire fighters to write politicians and the media and tell them about the issues that are close to our hearts. To influence policy change and shake up the system. We are the masters of our destiny and don't let another day go by without fighting for what you believe in. It is my belief that anyone that picks up a tool and fights fire should receive health and financial security. Your sacrifice deserves this. We also deserve the title of Forest Fire Fighter and a gaurantee of employment if we do a good job. These should be your rights as Forest Fire Fighters but as it stands not everyone has these rights. Lets abolish the word seasonal and temporary and replace it with employee. To join the FFFRM all you have to do is write Washington or the Media. Speak from your heart. Remember that if you don't like what is going on, do something about it. Long live the FFFRM!!!!!!

-- hoffa (, April 17, 2000

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