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Fast Company April 2000 pp. 388-399

Put The Web To Work-For You by Gina Imperato

 The Web doesnt just change how companies operate. It also changes how the people inside those companies operate-how they communicate, how they share ideas, even how they relax and recharge their batteries. In short, the Web can change how you work-if you know how to work with the Web.

With this opening statement, Gina Imperato goes on to point out some amazing sites that provide some amazing services. I enjoyed reading this article because it really revved up my thought process about using the Web both for business reasons and also purely for enjoyment. I thought Email was great and now I am continually finding new uses for the computer. Before the Masters cohort, I couldnt turn one of these ridiculous machines on, but I have since used the Internet and Email to search for hundreds of bits of information and make some interesting purchases. I researched for a vehicle that will travel over roadless terrain and snow. I wanted something that could carry four people in indoor comfort regardless of the weather. It would need to operate in very cold temperatures and swampy areas. It would have to be reasonable to purchase and operate and relatively simple to repair. This sounds like a tall order, but I found it on the Internet. Through Email and search engines I located a machine in Mosstorp Gava, a small farm outside Eskilstuna, Sweden. I was able to purchase this machine and through the computer, I arranged delivery to the port of Gotburg, Sweden. From there it was loaded on a ship and brought to LaHavre, France where it was put on another ship bound for the Caribbean. The boat made numerous stops in the caribbean and up the US coast to Baltimore. In Baltimore, I needed to hire a broker to handle customs paperwork and pay import duties and harbor fees. From Baltimore it was trucked to Hinkley, MN where I met the truck and picked up my Snow Trac. This complicated transaction was arranged and carried out on the computer. Now I am even familiar with the international monetary system, money wires, transfers, and exchanges. I even have friends in Sweden! The Internet is amazing.

Well, so much for my long-winded tale of international cyber intrigue. The article is great because it identifies some very good sites to look at for various reasons. I listed some below. Take a look. A very interesting article with a wealth of information as to sites and their uses. This service will assure you that your Email has been received and opened. Enhances the ability to access Email while on the road. Increased capability! This will help with all your shipping needs. If you need to ship documents, they will print, bind, and deliver all in the same day. This site hosts Web enabled meetings. Connects computer users with technical questions to those who can answer. If you have some free moments this has tests and quizzes to entertain. Filled with trivia, puzzles,etc A party planning service for any situation. A more intensive party planning site.

There were also five sites listed concerning business endeavors. A great article with lots of information.

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2000


Ladd, I can't help but shed a small tear as I read your last posting. You have been such an inspiration to both Patty and myself. We will eternally be in your debt. Thanks for the great article summaries throughout the past two years. I feel enlightened! You are truly a Master teacher. Thanks Again!

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2000

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