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Okay, I'm doing a report on him and I need to know some stuff. How did his mother, sisters, and brother die? And did he ever find his father, or even try to find him? Is the death of his father: date, cause...etc, known?? That's basicly it... thank you so very much. And please respond ASAP. Carrie

-- Anonymous, April 17, 2000



Okay... here is the stuff. : )

Edgar Allan Poes mother, Elizabeth (Eliza) Arnold Poe died at the age of 24 from an infectious fever on December 8, 1811, when Poe was almost 3 years old.

Poes father, David Poe, Jr. abandoned Elizabeth with three children in 1809 and, to my knowledge, disappeared and was not heard from again. I dont know that he ever attempted to locate his father but I doubt it.

Poes brother, William Henry Leonard Poe died on August 1, 1831 at the age of 24 from intemperance six months after a reunion with Edgar.

Poes sister, Rosalie Poe died July 21, 1874 from an unknown illness. She was buried in a Washington Cemetery.

Poes beloved wife, Virginia Clemm Poe died on January 30, 1847 from consumption (tuberculosis).


-- Anonymous, April 17, 2000

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I recently watched a movie about the life of Edgar Allan Poe and his mother,Elizabeth died of consumtion,his wife Virginia Clemm died of consumption,and his foster mother Frances Allan died of consumption when he returned from the University. He fell in love with the mother of his best friend and she contracted a tumor that was crushing her brain and the doctors gave her 5 weeks to live.

-- Anonymous, February 11, 2004

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You know, people post questions and expect real answers, I don't see how making a joke out of this is funny. I am sure you'd have much more success and fun in a chat room somewhere.

Poe's mom and sister and wife died of consumption His brother William died of intemperance I don't know for sure on his father......some say he just left, others say he died.

Hope that helps Traci

-- Anonymous, October 21, 2004

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-- Anonymous, November 11, 2004

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