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I have (or will be shortly) posting a template on the ftp site that can be used for the writeups for everyone's section. It is in MSWord and is pretty generic, but can be used as a starting point. It is called "Project_Template_II.doc" and is located in the "document" folder on the FTP site.

I have laid out the document so that each topic has its own chapter. Chapter 1 will be an introduction, followed by everyones sections as follows:

Chpt 1 Introduction Chpt 2 GPS Ephemeris Chpt 3 GPS Obs Model Chpt 4 Gravity Chpt 5 Drag Chpt 6 N-Body Chpt 7 Solar Pressure Chpt 8 Propagator Chpt 9 Filter Model Chpt 10 Coord Trans Chpt 11 Results

Please include your references within your specific chapter, that way each section can just be plugged into the final document. Also, if there is anything that would fit better into an appendix, that can surely be added.

Hopefully everyone has begun compiling their Powerpoint presentations into Word format that will fit into this document. Once you have something please load it onto the FTP site in the document folder, or email it to myself or Patrick.

Keep working. Have fun.

Brian L.

-- Brian Lathrop (brian.lathrop@lmco.com), April 17, 2000

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