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Right now I am doing a research about IPIX. I would like to know if there are other systems in the market that offer a similar effect. Thank you for your help.


Theo Tan

-- Theo Tan (aperture@sprint.ca), April 17, 2000


Try here: International Association of Panoramic Photographers. There is also the discussion list for panoramic photographers: panorama-l@sci.monash.edu.au (type in "subscribe" as the subject line) and once subscribed ask your question there.

-- Ellis Vener (evphoto@insync.net), April 17, 2000.

Seems like the big boy of image mosaicing seems to be www.enroute.com

Their PowerStitch program is claimed to output up to 260Mb with rectilinear correction up 120 degrees. It seems too good to believe, so I'd love to hear/see any results people have.

-- Carlos Co (co@che.udel.edu), April 17, 2000.

Now Prof. Helmut is a genius, and that explains his free software at:


it's not easy to use, but offers the ultimate in flexibility, so it seems. I have yet to try.

He clearly has had problems with IPIX ...

-- Carlos Co (co@che.udel.edu), April 17, 2000.

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