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We have been carefully watching and measuring the color shift (reddish) on the MIS quadtone & Somerset velvet enhanced media combination for some months now.

The shift occurs only when prints are exposed to light, and various varnishes and sprays have not helped prevent these shifts. We have also experienced these shifts on Concord Rag papers.

MIS denys any knowledge of these shifts, and so does dygraphics, the dealer we purchased media from.

Little has appeared on this mail list about this while we monitored it. We have just come back on the list after redoing our mail system last month.

At this point, we're interested in trying a new quadtone ink, and wonder what others might reccommend. We are looking at the Lysonics set, and favor it because it has undergone some testing by Wilhelm. I see that the Inkjet mall has a new product called Piezography, but no data posted that we can see. Also, does anybody have experience with the lumijet product? They make vague claims about permanence, but don't reveal data to back it up.

Help would be greatly appreciated.

-- Marc Sitkin (, April 16, 2000

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