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Where can I get my hand on Chongo's big wall book?

-- kent saturday (, April 16, 2000


I got mine straight from Chongo during a visit to Yosemite Valley. Be warned of the high cost, though. It was up around $80

-- Brian (, April 18, 2000.

Hey Kent, Chongo is in the Valley right now, supposedly getting ready to (finally) take off on the Sea. (the rangers gave him the ultimatum - climb, or get his stuff down). Track him down in the caf or at the base, but get yourself a book. Expensive, but worth it - it'll make you a better wall climber. Take a look at my note in the Yosemite Q & A section re. Chongo's book. Lots of good comments - funny how the people who speak well of Chuck use their REAL names and email addresses, while those note in support of the Chongo Nation are afraid to reveal their identities.

-- "Pass the Pitons" Pete Zabrok (, April 19, 2000.

Sheesh. Some editor. I really meant, "...while those NOT in support..."

-- "Pass the Pitons" Pete Zabrok (, April 19, 2000.

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