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I have a CD-Video single which has 3 audio tracks and a PAL TV CDV track. When I put the disc in my iMac DV and open the folder for the disc it comes up on the desktop as "Audio CD1" . I can see the 3 audio tracks but nothing for track 4; no folder for video or an MPEG file, nothing.

I tried SImpleVCD 2.2, but that doesn't seem to recognise the disc. I have Quicktime 4, Apple DVD player and iMovie and none of them seem to recognise the disc or a video file. I'm going to take the disc to work and try it on my PC to see what Windoze makes of it!

I'm not going to be into collecting VCDs, but I'd like to play the video on this disc.

From looking at the VCD Player site it seems that CD-Video and VCD are different standards? Is this correct and how do I play the video file on an iM

-- Andy piercy (, April 16, 2000


CD Video is a different format from Video CD.

-- The Lone Ranger (, April 16, 2000.

if i am correct, cd video can be read by a laserdisc player. cd video was made for that format

-- Doug (, April 16, 2000.

There is little else to be done aside from putting that disc into a laserdisc player and capturing the video right off to your PC and authoring a VCD with it. Unlike DVD and VCD, the video on CDVs is analogue.

-- EMartinez (, April 17, 2000.

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