Hacker seizes Web radio stations

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Hacker seizes Web radio stations Friday, 14 April 2000 21:30 (ET)

Hacker seizes Web radio stations

LOS ANGELES, April 14 (UPI) - An alleged angry computer hacker who is operating out of Florida has reportedly hijacked three online radio stations run by a Los Angeles company.

While they can't be picked up on a car radio - or any other kind of radio- the three electronic music stations operated by EbandMedia have the potential of a worldwide audience since they were available to listeners via the Internet.

The stations -- E101, Pro G, and Trance Invasion - were knocked off the air and "literally stolen from their sophisticated server," said a releasefrom Internet Incubator iWeb, the parent of EBandMedia. The company said the incident appears to be the first case ever of "online radio cyberterrorism."

"We are quite concerned about this incident," said iWeb President James West. "We could incur a multi-million dollar loss if the radio stations,which we hope this individual has saved on CD Rom, are not returned safely to us."

The company said they have been fielding a stream of phone calls from listeners who are unable to access the stations.

The alleged hacker is described as a disgruntled former employee and isbeing sought by police in Ft. Lauderdale, Fla.


-- Martin Thompson (mthom1927@aol.com), April 15, 2000

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