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This is wild, but I found this website that uses government files to find an actual photograph of ANYBODY. I was shocked to find that with no trouble at all, it brought up an (old) picture of me. You should see if they have you in the database too!


-- What else do they know? (, April 14, 2000


My goodness! They do have a picture of me when I was younger. How strange.

-- Jim Cooke (, April 14, 2000.

Weird... what monkey business ARE they up to over there?

-- Debbie (, April 14, 2000.

Oh gees!! that's scary! They have a picture of ME TOO! Although I look much older now too, and I think a bit prettier too (never been photogenic).

-- Chris (!@#$, April 14, 2000.

All I got was a photo of Y2K Pro....

-- what a gip (, April 14, 2000.

the sad thing is now "they" have a dynamic ISP to go with the photo

-- swampthing (in@the.swamp), April 14, 2000.

Can't get over the fact that they have a pic of me when I was 3 months old!----AMAZING

-- Curly~Q (, April 14, 2000.

The photo I saw looked like Maria on a bad hair day.

-- (@ .), April 14, 2000.

They had a picture of me, and I wasn't wearing any clothes!

-- kritter (, April 14, 2000.

I forgot what a cute tyke I was.

-- Richard (, April 14, 2000.

oh my a pic of me too. Where is the monkey spanker?

Yes I knew the government had it all now i know it is true.


-- shady (never@xxx.c), April 14, 2000.

NOW I know what Dad meant when he said he was gonna have some "hotmonkeysex" with Mom.

-- liu (, April 14, 2000.

They know All and they know NOTHING! And both parts of that statement are TRUE!

-- DonchaKnow? (, April 14, 2000.

Oh, MAN!!!! I thought that I had secretly thrown out all the copies of *THAT* photo YEARS AGO!!! I'm SOOOOOOOOOOOO embarrassed.

-- (, April 14, 2000.

Damn, I sure miss Mama.

-- brock gannon (, April 14, 2000.

Hey, I tried it and all I found was Paul Milne's baby picture! We been had!

-- Yankee (, April 15, 2000.

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