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I have an ATI TV Wonder card. I use it to encode in MPEG1 file so that I can make a VCD. But, there is a problem! A VCD needs to have a video bitrate of 1150kbps, nevertheless the ATI software (ATI TV Player 2.0) who encodes in real time MPEG1 does not allow to tune in an accurate way the video bitrate. Indeed when you want to set the video bitrate to 1150kbps you just can't do it because it's made with the mouse in a bar and it just can't reach the value of 1150kbps exactly!! You can set it to just upper or just lesser.

My questions are: - Does anyone tried to make a VCD with the ATI TV WONDER card? - Does anyone kwnow a patch to fix this (without re-encoding of course, the advantage of the ATI being that we can encode in real time)? Help! Sorry for my english;)

-- GuH (, April 14, 2000


This link below will show you how to configure the ATI-All-Wonder 128 to meet VCD standard without using the standalone encoder. I've tried it and it worked. But the quality is horrible. It's better to capture at higher bitrate and use Panasonic to encode it to VCD standard.

Have fun.

-- Keyman (, April 14, 2000.

Oop..forgot to include one more link to complete the above process.

-- Keyman (, April 14, 2000.

ati to mpeg

-- mohsen banaian (, December 14, 2002.

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