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Hello, I've been looking at getting a 4x5 field camera for a while. I have a Pentax67 but want movements and a bigger negative for stock work.

I have been offered a Linhoff Technica 4x5 flatbed with a 150mm f5.6 Symmar and a 240mm f5.5 Tele xenar (both Linhoff Shnider lenses). Both are clean and the shutters are working.

Unfortunalty it has a broken ground glass and only comes with one lens board.

The way I see thing are that the glass is replaceable, athough I have no idea at the cost. I would need another lens board, and some film holders/polaroid back. I have all the other things, except a dark cloth.

They only want $350 US for the camera as is, and the lenses.

Would this be a good camera to learn on and is someone trying to rip me off.

Thanks for your help Leif

-- Leif Pigott (, April 14, 2000


What model Technika?

The Technika was introduced in 1946.

The series made from 1046 to 56 no longer has factory parts available.

-- Bob Salomon (, April 14, 2000.

What model Technika?

The Technika was introduced in 1946.

The series made from1946 to 56 no longer has factory parts available.

-- Bob Salomon (, April 14, 2000.

Given that this camera is more recent than the last date Bob mentioned, then you have a pretty good deal. As for replacement parts the ground glass should be fairly cheap to replace, unless you go for a Beattie or Boss screen. The polaroid back, if bought s/h shoold cost under 100 quid, say 80 to 95, as for ythe darkslides, unless you are really strapped for cash, do not buy s/h darkslides, buy 'em brand new. As for the camera being good to learn on, unless you want to turn the move ments inside out, then it is not only a good camera to learn on, it is a great camera to use continiously.

-- David Kirk (, April 14, 2000.

Leif: You can order ground glass from companies like Midwest Photo Exchange for about $10-$15. They are easy to change...just a couple of clips on the back with a couple of screws each. Lensboards can be made easily or you can order them. If everything checks out with the camera and lenses, it sounds like a bargain. Check the bellows for leaks.

-- Doug Paramore (, April 14, 2000.

I have a Tech III and love it. I have a friend make the lens boards for me and am not interested in spending $80-90 for the Linhof ones. If it is a III and is in good condition (test the lens and if the need a lube they are relatively easy to clean yourself), it really sounds like a good buy. Make sure the bellows has no pin holes with a flash light. Scott

-- Scott Walton (, April 15, 2000.

Thanks for all the help. I don't know which model the camera is. I suspect it is an early model, the lenses are 1950's so I guess the body is too. The body is grey and bellows are black. The someone has repainted the body at some stage. The bellows look ok but I need to check this futher. The ground glass might be a bit of a problem, I live in New Zealand so I might have to make one myself, but even if I have mail order one from the US it looks ok. Thanks again Leif

-- Leif Pigott (, April 16, 2000.

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