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I want to know if any one has heard or has experience with the consoldated C1 enlarger with a pulse-xenon 2400 watt head. It is 220 volts and is a diffusion / flash type head. Its 8X10 glass carrier and a 5X7 insert. Any info would greatly be appreciated, thanks , Dan

-- Dan Kowalsky (, April 13, 2000


Dan: I can't give you any info on the Consolidated line of enlargers, but I can give you my humble opinion on the pulse-xenon type head. I used a color enlarger with that light source. It is difficult to focus and difficult to judge the amount of light reaching the paper. I really despised it. Also, with long exposures, the bulbs tend to burn up in a hurry and they ain't cheap. The controller for the light is also prone to problems ($). If the enlarger is a good one and the price is right, you might consider it and go to a cold light head or another light source. Doug.

-- Doug Paramore (, April 13, 2000.

Dan, I don't know anything about the Consolidated enlarger, but years ago was around a Carlson (sp?) which sounds pretty much the same. These were basically for doing color separations only and I would avoid it as a photographic enlarger. Don't know what the price is, but there are some pretty good deals out there right now on conventional 8x10 enlargers depending on what you're looking for. I don't have the URL, but do a search for RK (I think) in Washington. I was on their site a few days ago and was amazed at some of the low prices for 8x10 enlargers. Or if you want, or know someone who wants, a Durst 2501 autofocus Horizontal enlarger I know where there is one for sale. I used it for several years and it is a sweet piece of equipment. I also know of a ZBE technology 4x5 (early) autofocus enlarger which I am convinced is the finest 4x5 enlarger ever made. I also used this one, and we just added one where I now work (on my recommendation). I didn't think about asking where you are--The same people also have a DeVere 8x10 enlarger for sale, with a color head--shipping anything of this sort is the problem. I have no interest in any of this equipment--I'm simply passing on information on what I know is available--If you're interested in any of this let met know and I'll hook you up with the owner.


-- fred (, April 14, 2000.

Thank you very much for the info on the enlarger, after reading both posts on the opinions of the consolidated enlarger I have difinetly ruled it out of the picture. I now have my sights on an Omega F 10X10 condenser enlarger, it looks like a D2 on steroids. once again thank you all for the valuable info.

-- Dan Kowalsky (, April 15, 2000.

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