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Our classic selection for April. Discuss the book here.

-- Beth (, April 13, 2000


I usually post on the ER discussion board, but when I saw that you were reading this book, I had to jump in. I have read this novel at least six times, and consider it one of the classics of the 1900's. Every time I read it, I take away a new meaning or discover a new symbol or idea. The characters are so powerful, especially Janie. She is a strong woman, a woman who slowly finds herself in this novel, a woman that I admire. Find time to read this one if you do not finish it this month, it is worth it.

-- Sarah (, April 17, 2000.

This is my third time reading this--the first time in 1990, the second in 1996 or 7, and now. It occurred to me that it's the 17th of April and I'd better say *something,* so I picked it off the shelf last night before bed. Naturally I didn't do anything like mark passages or, say, bring it with me to work, but in the ten pages I read before I fell asleep, I enjoyed the same things I remember from before: the language, the turns of phrase.

Has anyone read Alice Walker's essay ~~ "Looking for Zora," which ran in Ms. in 1971 or so and is collected in _In Search of Our Mothers' Gardens_?

-- Lisa Houlihan (, April 18, 2000.

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