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Hi! I graduated from a photography degree course last summer and have yet to find work in this field. I have done work experience on a couple of picture desks, but nothing came of that. I now am struggling in London with a temping job, waiting for something to come along. My work is about being on a location and capturing the moment how I see it. So you could say my interests lie in documentary/photo- journalism. But I would be interested to experience working behind the scenes at music events and T.V dramas/Films, recording them through my camera lens. I am also keen to travel Australia, New Zealand, America, Africa etc again making the opportunity beneficial in more than a personal accomplishment i.e selling my stills. Has anyone got any information which could be of any use to me, whether it be people I can contact, to tips on travelling with my camera? Much appreciated Charl

-- CHARLOTTE KIRK (CK378@HOTMAIL.COM), April 13, 2000



I have a bit of advice that worked very well for me. It seems to me that you want to get your feet wet and make a living, this is not a solution but a good direction.

I am an avid fan and have done some wedding photo work. So what I did was to apply for a part-time photographer at a local newspaper and got the position by offering my services at minimum wage here in the states. I had a full-time position elsewhere so was in no big need for money.

I found out that newspapers have tight budgets when it comes to payroll so they welcome employees that won't cost them much and will help them produce their product.

The good thing for you will be that your work and name will be published on a frequent basis and people will get accustomed to seeing your name. This is the best form of publicity a photographer can get in a local market. Also people will start asking you if they can hire you to photgraph special events and the such. They ask because most people have no idea on how or whom to hire for their needs. What better thing than a newspaper pro?

Best of all, you will have access to the newspaper equipment (huge) and film and you will have access to major news and sporting events. I ended up covering proffesional sports events though I am in a small city, I traveled to cover an event for my newspaper.

Good luck, and happy shooting.

-- Robert G. (, May 06, 2001.

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