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Title: Still No Silence for Man Receiving Phone Card Calls

Filed: 04/11/2000

By AMY WHITE Californian staff writer e-mail:

The ringing in David Foster's ears still hasn't stopped.

Nearly two weeks after MCI officials told him they would fix it, a problem of crossed wires still has MCI calling card holders reaching Foster's home phone.

Kristian King, spokeswoman for MCI WorldCom, said Tuesday the company is still trying to figure out the cause of the problem and how to fix it.

"We are working to get this resolved as quickly as possible," she said. "This is a priority for us."

King said the company wants the calls to Foster's home "stopped as much as he does."

MCI customer representatives reached Monday had said Foster's local phone-service provider was the source of the problem, saying that crossed lines are a local issue.

Spokespersons for AT&T and Pacific Bell said Tuesday they are investigating and will need a few more days to determine whether their lines are involved.

"On Thursday, it will be two weeks," Foster said. "I will change my phone number immediately at the end of this week if they can't get things straightened out."

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